Master of Ceremonies

Shaggy MC is able to and entertain the crowd with his exciting voice, the dopest dance moves, and positive hyped energy. Showing his dance skills while hyping up the crowd, Mindblowing freestyles and interactive audience social dance activation.

From hyping main stages to devastating dance floors he is a highlight of numerous events, competitions and club nights. His personable demeanor, strong leadership and surreal dance moves combine to activate and engage any event.

Recently, Shaggy MC teamed up with DJ Eva Adamidis, under the name SOCIALL ( link naar They provide the most energetic DJ clubshowcase combined with awesome dancemoves and those songs that makes the whole crowd dance. #WEDJWEDANCE

Events/Clubs: Kwaku Summer Festival, Encore, Vie Sauvage Festival (FR),Stedelijk Museum, Zwarte Koffie, FRANK, #BIJLMERBATTLE, Break-a-leg, Cuisine Amsterdam, Clubtrax, Club NYX, DKJL, World Cinema Festival, Paradiso, Lente Circus Festival.

Available for: Club, Festivals, Business Events, Public Events, Dance Competitions, Dance Battles, Performances