Furious Flow

Energy, sense of humor and brotherhood are the key words for Furious Flow. This crew is everything but your average group of dancers.Their love for each other and their love for dance is what matters most in their corporation. This love combined with an incredible sense of humor makes every single one of their shows an enormous success.

In 2007, Caggie and Shaggy decided to bring their artistic ideas together and form a crew. Soon Patrick , Ryan, Niels, Jeffrey and Juvat joined them. This formation turned out to be a success formula and all seven men speak of one another as family rather than coworkers.

All members of Furious Flow have individual careers in the professional dance field and work as teachers, performers or choreographers. Some of them have participated in or are participating in famous TV shows ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘The Ultimate Dance Battle’. At every Furious Flow performance, the audience is guaranteed a professional show with an extremely high level of entertainment.

Because all the dancers specialised in different styles and disciplines the crew is always able to showcase a lot of variety in their dancing. Shows contain Hip Hop, Poppin, Locking, House, Breakdance, Contemporary and Vogue. Besides showing interesting choreographies Furious Flow uses humor, sketches and audience dance activations to make their performances the most entertains dance shows. This makes for their shows to almost be labeled theatre rather than just dance.

Furious Flow put together performances for Marc Ecko Watches, Da Bounce Comedy Show, Battle of Amsterdam, Tania Christopher(Step Up 2), Uitmarkt, Discussiëren Kun Je Leren, Le Pommier The Flying Dutch, Dag van de Jonge Jury, FunX, and many more