About Gregory Shaggy

Gregory ‘Shaggy‘ Albertzoon (1984) only discovered his love and talent for dance when he was 18 years old. Lessons at Eszteca Dance Studio in 2003 wanted to know how great his passion for this art form is and how he wants to fill his life with it. By training intensively at Eszteca, Moves Dance Warehouse and Jake’s Dance Factory, Shaggy has specialized in Hip Hop, House, Breakdance, Poppin, Locking and Freestyle. He soon managed various assignments and was able to work as a dancer in the largest discos in the Netherlands. Non-long, follow-up video clips, TV and theater shows, musicals, performances for artists, where he was booked not only as an executive dancer, but also as a choreographer. On an international level he is looking to the other Taiwan, Jordan, Suriname, Germany and Belgium, to show and share his (passion for) dance. Shaggy has now been working full time as a professional dancer and choreographer for a number of years. During his dance training at the ROCvA he broadened his style and knowledge by doing in other styles, such as classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. In addition, he has traveled to America several times to get lessons from the biggest names in the dance world in Los Angeles. He has also been a member of national theater productions including Tanjore Quartet and MDDance, and provides workshops and shows, dance events throughout the country. both individually and with his crew Furious Flow. In addition to the many work as a performing dancer and choreographer, Shaggy is an accomplished teacher. He is currently Lecturer and Coordinator Urban at the Lucia Martha’s dance academy. Shaggy is also a much sought after jury lid for battles and competitions. And shaggyMC, the Dancing Host. He is the founder and chairman of the Vrije & Stijl foundation, which mainly programs dance activities for the talented youngsters in Amsterdam Southeast, but also advises and supports young dancers who want to pursue a professional dance career.